3 Essential Tips for Moving This Fall

November 5th, 2020

If you’ve just found your dream apartment and plan on moving in this fall, you might be thinking that the process will be pretty straightforward. After all, all moves are the same, right?

While moving in the fall is by no means uncommon, it does present some challenges that can be real obstacles if you don’t prepare for them. Moving is hard enough already, so here’s the best way to avoid additional headaches during your fall move:

Dress for the Weather

During the summer, it’s easy to move in a pair of shorts and sneakers, and the chances of rain aren’t very high. However, in the fall, circumstances are a little different. As temperatures fall, shorts and tee shirts can become much less comfortable to wear during your move. It’s far better to wear jeans and a sweater you can work in and get dirty.

In addition to colder temperatures, the autumn season usually sees an increased amount of rainfall, which you also need to be prepared for when moving. Failing to prepare for this possibility can leave you struggling to keep boxes and furniture dry come moving day.

Keep a Broom Close

Autumn leaves are perfect for taking pictures of, but they can present a hazard when you’re moving. Especially when wet, leaves can cause you to slip and fall. Landing on the sidewalk, street, or driveway is painful under the best of circumstances, but when you add in the weight of boxes or furniture, you’re at risk of severe injuries.

For that reason, it’s essential to make sure that any paths to and from the truck and around your home are clear of all leaves and other debris that might cause a slip.

Check Your Utilities

In the summertime, it’s an inconvenience if your electric or gas isn’t on when you arrive; you might be able to wait a day or two, depending on the situation. However, in the fall and winter, the last thing you want to do is wait days to have your heat turned on while the nights get progressively colder. For that reason, it’s worth calling ahead to make sure you understand what needs to be done to have your utilities turned on by the time you arrive. Here’s a checklist of what to do about your utilities when moving to a new home:

Three tips for turning on the utilities after move-in day with a graphic of a woman standing in the kitchen confused

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