3 Ways to Bring Your New Home Good Luck

March 16th, 2021

Everyone has a different idea about how they would like their move to go, and in some cultures, that involves rituals designed to help bring good luck to your new home. Hiring local furniture movers can be relatively easy compared to trying to set the right tone for an abode you live in if you don’t know what to do. Luckily, there are plenty of cultural traditions to pull from.

Here are a few examples of the rituals cultures have used to create a home they can thrive in:

Ensure a Lucky Transition

Everyone knows the power of an excellent first impression, and that doesn’t change when it comes to moving to your new apartment or house. Many cultures believe that you have to pay attention to the date you plan to move, while others claim that the day of the week will set a particular tone. Most commonly, it’s thought that a move scheduled for a Thursday is one of the least lucky options that you can choose since it doesn’t give you much time to settle into your place and relax. 

Another reason you might want to look at a calendar when considering your move is because rain on moving day is regarded as a bad omen and will bring bad luck for the life you build in your new place. That doesn’t include the fact that, logistically speaking, rain on moving day can be a nightmare, especially if you’re doing it alone.

Invite Prosperity and Good Health

Once you’ve laid a solid foundation of luck for the transition to your new home, you should begin thinking about the best way to invite prosperity into it. For example, a tradition from India indicates that boiling a pot of milk and rice until it boils over is one way to ensure that your house will be filled with good fortune, joy, and good health as long as you live there. 

If you aren’t sure about boiling rice and milk, you could go a more general route by making bread and salt, two of the first things you bring into your home. By doing this, you ensure that your house will always be a hospitable place to those who enter.

Make Your Home a Haven of Positivity

It’s essential to have a house where you can expect good fortune and prosperity, but it’s also crucial that you think about inviting positivity into your space. Doing this doesn’t require much; traditions can range from the Native American practice of burning sage to ensuring that you purchase a new broom, so you don’t bring the dust and dirt from your old residence into the new one.

To find out more about the traditions that people use to invite good luck into their home, or get a quote for hiring cross country movers, call the Collegiate Movers team today!

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