Be In It for the Long Haul with Your New Year’s Resolutions

February 6th, 2020

Now that 2020 is well underway, many are eyeing New Year’s resolutions with an array of emotions that span from determination to disdain. When you’ve moved around the New Year, it may seem harder than ever to keep up with seeing them through. Let’s look at a few common resolutions and create a few strategies that may help us go the distance and reach our goals. 

Get Healthier

Whether people are aiming to lose weight, eat better, or add more exercise to their lives, getting healthier is a common New Year’s resolution. Typical answers to losing weight are staying away from fast foods and moving more to get extra calories burned each day. These suggestions mean cooking at home more, buying into meal plans, or choosing to eat only from the healthy choices section when eating out. Unpacking the kitchen before anything else will help make sure the items you need to succeed are within reach as soon as you need them. Make sure to label those boxes well before the move, and you won’t have to skip a beat – unless you decide to skip rope as part of your workout. 

Go Back To School

Another popular resolution is to jump back into furthering one’s education. Are you moving nearer to campus or even to a different state to go to school? Good for you! While many emotions come with a move, added stress doesn’t have to be one of them. When you have lots of stuff to move that is attached to fond memories, you want to make sure it gets to your new home unscathed. Look no further than Collegiate Movers for caring and safe movers in the Blacksburg, VA, area to transport your belongings without incident. 

Redecorate the House

For some, it’s not changing the whole location, but just rotating out a few old pieces for new pieces that give their home the fresh feel they crave. Collegiate Movers are your local furniture movers in Roanoke, VA, who are helping to help make your dreams come true. So rent that storage unit and put your old furniture away for a bit until you decide what to do with it. In the meantime, enjoy your new living room, bedroom, or dining room set and the terrific ambiance it brings with it. 

Getting Out of a Rut

Perhaps you looked around at the end of last year and decided to change your surroundings and start anew. A new job, new career, or new city may be in your future as you start making decisions about how to get out of the rut you want to escape. While a revised walking path for exercise might fix the problem for some, a more dramatic change is the right prescription for others. When you decide to relocate, there are so many decisions to be made. Choosing Collegiate Movers can help lessen the stress of ensuring your belongings get from one place to the next in one piece. 

If you happen to be moving and shaking more than your body as part of your New Year’s resolutions this year, reach out to Collegiate Movers for a free quote!

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