Dealing With Homesickness After Moving to a New City

August 26th, 2022

Moving to a new city is one of the most exciting things you can do, but a lot of stress and anxiety can come from leaving an area you’re comfortable in. Homesickness sometimes rears its ugly head when you least expect it, but that doesn’t mean you should just give up on your goals. There are plenty of ways to combat homesickness, and fortunately, many of these ways are fun and can help you learn a bit more about yourself and your new environment.

Recognize the Signs

Stop us if you’ve heard this before — the first step in making change is acknowledging that you need to. Being homesick can sneak up on you, and it’s easy to continue your days either ignoring the signs or not even knowing they are affecting you. This stops you from growing past your homesickness and holds you back from taking steps to address your issues.

When you’re homesick, you’ll experience recurring thoughts and feelings related to home, such as grandma’s home cooking, smells of your old room, or memories of events at home. Ask yourself if your sadness is because you aren’t home or if you’re unhappy with your current situation. This can help narrow down the actual cause of your unhappiness.

Don’t Let Homesickness Hold You Down

Feeling homesick may be taking a toll on you, but don’t let it keep you in bed or stop you from doing your job. It’s completely normal to miss your old life, especially when you’re confronted with the uncertainty of the future you have now. But remember — uncertainty doesn’t mean something bad will happen, and you can keep a positive trajectory by continuing to accomplish your daily goals and finishing necessary tasks each day.

Incorporate Aspects of Your Old Home into Your New One

Whether you’re just moving in or you’ve been in your new city for a few months now, you can still incorporate aspects of your old home into your new one. If you miss one of your favorite smells, purchase it from a store or take a road trip to visit your friends and family one more time. 

If you miss the comfort of your old bed or some other appliance, get help from your local movers and have your furniture brought back into your new life. Ask for an old recipe and let your house smell like mom’s old cooking. Sometimes a little nostalgia can go a long way towards helping you feel a bit better.

Try New Things and Meet New People

Keep yourself busy by being productive at work and exploring your new environment. Trying some new restaurants or just taking a nice walk every day around your neighborhood might be all you need to clear your mind. Try building new relationships with other people around your age in the area, and partaking in new social activities can help ease your transition into your new home.

Stay Healthy

Don’t let your separation from home cause you to lose your health and strength. At the very least, you want to keep up healthy practices — but you can also start going to the gym or creating new workout routines that help you focus on something else. Take yourself out of your comfort zone by trying different foods, which can open up your pallet and provide you with more opportunities to visit new restaurants.

Use Your Local Moving Company to Your Advantage

Living in a new city can be tough, especially if you’re on your own or moving far away. Learning to deal with homesickness isn’t easy, and you want to take steps to make sure you don’t make it harder than it has to be. You don’t want to know that you’re missing any items you meant to carry, especially if they can help ease your transition to a new environment. 

With Collegiate Movers, a long-distance moving company in Virginia, you’re guaranteed the service you need to bring all your important belongings to your new home. Contact us today and ensure all your belongings are with you for your big move.

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