Do’s and Don’ts of Moving Into Your First Apartment

November 30th, 2020

So you’ve signed the lease on your very first apartment, found the best cheap local movers you could, and have had a few friends agree to help you unpack on your very first day when you’re out on your own. You’re all set, right?

While having these plans in place is a great start, there’s a lot more that can go wrong while moving that you might not have experienced yet. Since it’s your first apartment, you’ll need to know a few things, such as what you have to buy and how you should pack, so your first night out on your own is as enjoyable as any moving day can be.

Here are a few things you need to do when moving into your first apartment:

Measure The Space

You’ve probably already done a walkthrough, which is excellent. A walkthrough allows you to get an idea of how the apartment is laid out and what kind of neighborhood you’re moving into. However, you might not yet know how important it is to have a tape measure on hand.

It’s easy to get overly excited about moving into your first place, but there are countless times when individuals have eyeballed their space and then had to figure out how to get a couch or bed frame through a door two inches too small.

Start Packing Early

Many people don’t believe they have a lot of stuff, but most people find that there’s far more than they imagined there could be when it comes time to pack. When your home is put together, many of your belongings are sorted neatly into their proper place; when you’re moving, you have to upend your home and start looking for a new place to put everything, revealing a lot of stuff you may have forgotten you have.

If you can downsize, this is a great time to do it because it will mean fewer things to move. It can even have a positive impact on your moving bill and make the moving day far less stressful for you and your friends.

Peruse Apartment Checklists

Since you’ve never had the opportunity to live on your own, you may not realize how many little things you’ll need to run a functioning household. Whether it’s dish towels, a recycling bin, or other items, it often takes living on your own for a bit to include them on your moving list. That’s why it’s worth looking online for apartment checklists to see what kinds of supplies you need to buy to make sure the first night in your new home is as enjoyable as it can be.

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