Essential Tips for Moving Heavy Furniture

April 13th, 2022

Moving your furniture isn’t always an easy task, and a quick attempt at lifting a couch or mattress can show you how heavy they really are. Calling on your local moving company is a great idea, but you might not always want to reach out for help for every item you have to lift. Fortunately, a few great tips can help make your heavy furniture easier to move, prevent injury, and protect your furniture from damage. 

Get Some Help!

You might not want to be a bother, or you feel like you can handle things independently, but you should never be afraid to ask for help. Furniture can be challenging to lift, and it doesn’t hurt to contact someone to give you a helping hand. You don’t want to pull a muscle or tendon fighting with an item that you and a friend could have easily handled.

Plan Out Your Move

Whether you’re moving small items across the room or moving larger ones outside, it’s good to strategize and plan out the best way to proceed. You don’t want to be stuck halfway through your doorway, unable to place down one of your items. Measure the distance between exits and consider planning out resting areas if you’re lifting heavy items for long distances.

Don’t Lift Items — Slide Them!

Consider furniture sliders if you want to drag couches and chairs across rooms. Even if you’re taking items outside, it may be wise to save energy and not lift the sofa across the hallway. Better yet, you can craft makeshift furniture pads by using a towel or plastic bag that glides effortlessly across the floor.

Make Your Furniture Smaller

One tip many homeowners forget is that recliners can break apart! Remove the back of your recliner so that you have two smaller pieces of furniture to move instead of one huge one. You can break up many other furniture items into smaller pieces that lighten your load and allow for better angles through doorways. Remove legs from tables, break apart bed frames and remove knobs from dressers or drawers for a more compact furniture-moving experience.

Use Moving Straps

Not only are moving straps good for stability, but they also can provide comfort and ease on your back. Shoulder dollies are great for protecting your back from a heavy couch, and adjustable lifting straps will help adjust to any stairs or other uneven surfaces. Consider a mattress sling to help keep floppy mattresses close to your body and reduce their moving range.

The “L” Method

Finding the right angles is the best way to ease your moving burden. Your furniture is the same size regardless of which way you lift it, so consider flipping and reversing it at different angles that benefit you. Use the L method for your couch, in which you turn it in a direction that makes it look like the letter L. Large dressers or cabinets are much easier to carry if two people tilt them over and lift them from top to bottom. This way, the weight is centered, and the furniture won’t wobble all over.

Still Need Help Moving Your Furniture?

At the end of the day, some items might be impossible to move without professional movers leading the way. There’s no harm in protecting your back from damage, and Collegiate Movers has all the tools to help move large furniture, small chairs, or anything in between.


If you’re looking for a moving company in Lynchburg, VA, reach out today and schedule your moving day with ease!

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