How Far In Advance Should You Schedule a Long-Distance Move?

July 16th, 2020

For most, planning a move is a logistical nightmare, and it gets worse the further away you have to move. If you’re moving cross-country, or even out of the country altogether, it can be a headache to think about all the different things you have to do.

Hiring a long-distance mover is always better in the long run because the best long distance movers in Lynchburg, VA, and other areas have the experience and tools necessary to coordinate the logistics of your move. However, that begs another question: When should you find your mover?

While it’s always best to hire your movers as quickly as possible, it depends on the following factors:

The Moving Date

If you’re moving during the busy season – such as spring and summer months – you’re going to have a harder time finding quality movers at affordable rates, because most movers are booked months in advance. Moving outside of these times still requires a few weeks’ notice, but it’s still possible to manage it on shorter time frames than other times of the year.

The Complexity of the Project

When you’ve got a move that requires special tools, lots of labor, or other special instructions, then you’re going to be limited by the number of moving companies with those capabilities. This limitation will almost always result in higher prices and further restrictions on when you can complete your move.

The Distance of the Move

Although the general rule of thumb is to schedule a mover six to eight weeks from the projected moving date, moves for exceptionally long distances require a little more planning to execute correctly. Consequently, it should be scheduled with additional time. In general, movers perform three kinds of moves, and the following infographic outlines what you will need for each one:

Infographic with helpful tips for moving certain distances.

To find out more about long-distance moves or get a quote from one of the leading cross-country moving companies in Lynchburg, VA, call the Collegiate Movers team today!

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