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Moving Tips.

Hiring a professional moving company takes the hassle out of relocating, allowing you to focus on enjoying your new space rather than packing and stacking boxes.

We’ve put together a moving guide so that you’ll know what to expect on moving day. This allows our customers to know exactly what to expect when working with Collegiate Movers.


Since our moves are based on an hourly rate, anything you can do to prepare for our arrival will save us time, which will save you money.

Make sure to break down your beds, disconnect your washer, dryer and refrigerator as well as all of your water supplies. Have all of your smaller items and electronics boxed with the tops sealed. Detach the mirrors from furniture and walls and disassemble any items that need to be broken down for moving.

Lastly, please remember to have all walkways and driveways clear of obstructions, including snow and ice.


On the day we arrive, our crew members will introduce themselves and then do a walkthrough of your home. This is to get an idea of which items need special consideration and to determine which items will be moved.

We then begin loading and packing the truck, making sure that all items are padded and secure. After loading, the crew may take a short lunch break. Rest assured that this time will not be added to your bill. After lunch, we will travel to the destination and the same crew that loaded your items will begin unloading them. Another walk through will be performed in order to determine where each of your items will be placed. Your items will then be unloaded and placed in the room that best suits your needs.

A final walkthrough will be performed so that furniture will be arranged as necessary. After this is completed, your bill will be calculated and your move will be complete!

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