Planning on Moving? Use This Handy, Week-by-Week Timeline as a Checklist

December 2nd, 2019

Efficient moving requires preparation and planning. Failure to plan several weeks ahead can leave you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. As the most affordable movers serving Lynchburg, VA, we’ve put together a comprehensive timeline to help prepare you to move apartment or office space.

Eight Weeks To Go

Start to throw away any unwanted items from your storage, basement, and attic. 

This is also the best time to schedule your moving company. Typically, booking your move for mid-month and midweek will save you money compared to booking a weekend move.

Seven Weeks To Go

Get in touch with an accountant or the IRS and find out if any of your moving expenses are tax-deductible. Sign up or make referrals with any doctors and dentists in your new location, and notify your kid’s school to transfer over their records.

Six Weeks To Go

Separate any items that you no longer need and start decluttering your house or office space. For tips on organizing and evaluating these possessions as you take inventory, watch this short video:

You should also get in touch with any dentists, lawyers, doctors, and other professionals and ask for copies of all your records. Tell your neighbors, friends, business associates, and colleagues that you’re moving.

Four Weeks To Go

Get in touch with all your utility providers (gas, water, electricity) and additional service providers (cable, telephone, internet) to swap over from your current to your new address. Also, pack up anything you will not need to use in the next month.

Three Weeks To Go

If you’re moving to another city, make hotel reservations and travel arrangements for the trip. Organize all your documents into a safe place so that nothing gets lost.

Two Weeks To Go

Contact the banks that you use and notify them of your new address. Get your car inspected and make sure it’s prepared for the upcoming trip.

One Week To Go

Pack all of your remaining possessions and finish off donating or selling anything you can’t take with you. Stop grocery shopping and start living from the freezer. Double-check that you’ve confirmed disconnection at your old business address or residence.

For more information, or professional assistance with apartment moving in Blacksburg, VA, and surrounding areas, click here to contact Collegiate Movers today.

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