SMOOTH MOVE – Tips for a Painless Relocation

May 8th, 2019

Whether you’re upsizing or downsizing, one thing is clear: moving can be a major headache. Each closet seems like an infinite vortex of broken toys, old photo albums, and boxes of ill-fitting clothes that you’ve been meaning to donate for the last five years. Every floor in your home has disappeared beneath a sea of crates, bags, and stacks, causing you to hobble your way to and from each room in the likes of the world’s most pitiful game of hopscotch. You contemplate becoming a minimalist just as you catch sight of that “Best Summer Ever: Myrtle Beach 1998” coffee mug that somehow made its way to a box of broken Christmas ornaments. It’s at this point when you realize that this impending move (and the ever-growing tower of old VHS tapes) is completely over your head.

Before you throw up your hands and throw in the towel (if you can even find one,) take a deep breath and read through this list of Moving Do’s and Don’ts:

Hire a Professional Mover

The time you save having licensed and insured professional movers handle your relocation is worth every penny. Collegiate Movers offers free estimates and will map out your move from start to finish. We even have all of the packing supplies you will need including boxes, packaging tape, and bubble wrap. Plus, do you really want to lug that washer and dryer up from the basement by yourself?

Make a Plan for Your Pets

It’s hard enough to navigate through a maze of boxes without having an overly excited pet nipping at your ankles. One false move and you or your furry friend might end up on the injured list. Make arrangements to have someone watch your pets or board them in a kennel until you’re finished with your move.

Photo Finish

Before you start unhooking all of the cords on your television, gaming console, or computer, label or color code each one and then take a photo with your smartphone. When the time comes to hook everything back up, simply use the photo for reference.

Don’t Move What You Don’t Need

It really doesn’t make much sense to move unwanted items from one location to another. Take the time to pitch anything that doesn’t work and donate unwanted items that are still useful to an organization or charity. Not only have you cleaned out your closets, but you’ve given back to the community as well.

Keep Up with Everyday Essentials

Place a couple of boxes to the side and designate those for items like toilet paper, toiletries, medication, towels, a flashlight, tools, and anything else that you might need once you get to your new home. Make sure they are clearly labeled and pack those items last so that you can grab them as soon as you arrive.

These tips will help you master the art of moving and allow you to enjoy the excitement of creating memories in your new home. And remember, if you have questions about the moving process or would like a free estimate on your move, simply call (540) 992-1414 to speak to a member of the Collegiate Movers staff.

Collegiate Movers is a professional moving service specializing in both residential and commercial projects. For more information on how Collegiate Movers can deliver for you, visit our website at

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