The Essential Cross Country Moving Guide

February 17th, 2022

Congratulations — you’ve accepted a new job with your dream company! The bad news is that the job will take you across the country. Preparing for a big cross-country move like that can give people much anxiety leading up to moving day. While hiring professional movers can help reduce some of the stress of the situation, you still have a long way to go before you make the transition to your new life. 

Start Planning the Move

The best way to start alleviating stress and anxiety about the move is to start planning the details of your upcoming long-distance moving adventure. Do your research and find a cross-country moving company that can help make the trip more manageable. 

A professional cross-country moving service has staff with heavy lifting experience to safely take your stuff from one coast to the other. Picking a full-service moving company with an established reputation within the moving industry to handle your big move will help make the transition as smooth as possible. 

Decide What Goes and What Gets Thrown Away

The bigger and bulkier items you own often take up the most space on the moving trucks and cost the most to ship. Take a hard look at the furniture and big appliances that you have and decide how essential they become a significant component in setting your moving budget. 

If furniture has seen better days and you can find replacements for them in your new city, consider saving the money on transporting what you currently have and investing in new stuff when you finish the move. The newly open space on your moving trucks and budget can help you better prioritize what you need to be moved by the professionals. 

Keep Your Information Up to Date

The cross-country move is an exciting time for people; however, during the excitement, you could forget to do some critical paperwork and maintenance tasks that will come back to haunt you. Whether it’s updating your voter registration, transferring — or canceling — any memberships, alerting your utilities, and updating your bank information, these tasks can fall by the wayside and potentially give you trouble down the line. 

Final Prep Work Before the Move

In the final week leading up to your cross-country move, it’s time to make sure all of the finer details are accounted for before the movers arrive. Contact your new utility providers before you officially move to verify everything will be up and running when you arrive. Organize your essentials into an easily accessible box for the first night in your new place so you won’t be scrambling on the first night. You’ll also want to transfer any medical prescriptions to your new local pharmacy ahead of time. 

The Big Moving Day

Doing what you can to help your hired cross country movers have the most direct path to your stuff will make the big day go smoothly. Even with years of experience, your trained movers will still need your help to ensure the move goes smoothly. Do one last check around the home to ensure you haven’t missed anything — then it’s time to hop into your car and get ready for the next chapter. 

Trust Collegiate Movers With Your Cross Country Move

When moving across the country, you want to find a professional moving company that takes pride in its work and has a reputation for helping make moves go as smoothly as possible. Collegiate Movers has worked tirelessly to help our customers make their next big move a smooth transition and alleviate any anxiety they may have. 

If you’re planning a cross-country move and need help from trusted local movers to make it happen, don’t delay! Contact Collegiate Movers and schedule our services today!


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