What Should I Give as a Going Away Present?

April 15th, 2021

There’s plenty of things to stress about when it comes to apartment moving, but that can be even harder when it means leaving your friends behind for new opportunities. Saying goodbye adds a particular layer of stress to the situation, even if you know you’ll be back to visit every chance you get. That doesn’t mean you can’t help mitigate the situation — whether you’re doing the leaving, or they are — by giving them a thoughtful gift to help stay connected.

Generally, there are three categories of going away gifts that you can give to your friends:

Infographic explaining ideal going away presents for someone who is moving away


Sentimental gifts are a great way to give your friends and family little reminders of the times you shared, the memories you made, and the story that’s still unfolding, albeit with a little more distance between you. One of the simplest sentimental gifts you can give is a photo album filled with snapshots of your favorite memories (along with a few blank pages that can be filled in later).

However, if you’re looking for a going-away gift that’s a little more creative than a photo album, then you can try writing a bundle of letters, with each one dated over a year so that you can continue feeling connected to your loved ones with little reminders throughout the years.


If you’d rather give a practical going away gift, then you can go a couple of different directions. A gift card to a local hardware store is an excellent option because it allows the individual who’s moving away to get the tools they need when something inevitably goes wrong in their new home.

However, a hardware store gift card is not your only option since there are plenty of needs individuals have while moving, like ensuring they eat right. While takeout is excellent for a night or two, it can get old after a month, so it’s a great idea to give the mover the gift of a meal-delivery kit subscription, so they can eat well without worrying about the challenges of cooking.


You can always provide your loved one with an opportunity to experience their new home town by giving them a gift card to a local restaurant or attraction. Doing so will give the individual moving away an excuse to get out of their house and explore.

However, you can also give a subtle reminder that you’re looking forward to seeing them again on one of their visits by providing a gift card to an airline (or another mode of transportation). Even if the cost isn’t an entire round-trip ticket, it’s still a valuable gesture that will show your friend you want to make it easy for them to return.

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