What to Look for in Your Long Distance Movers

June 13th, 2022

Now that you have decided to make a long-distance move, you have settled on your new home, you have the start date for your job set, and you are waiting for moving day. One remaining component of making your upcoming move a reality remains to decide how to move your belongings across the country. 

When you’re looking for a local moving company in Roanoke, VA, to help with your long-distance move, you want to ensure they are ready for the job at hand. Most people don’t have a clear idea of what questions they should be asking and may miss some crucial information or details. Fortunately, Collegiate Movers is here to help give you some important questions you need to ask your long-distance movers before scheduling your move. 

What Services Do They Offer?

Every long-distance moving company offers unique services that help set them apart from their competition. Sometimes these services are just what you need to make your upcoming go as smoothly as possible. However, other times their services don’t apply to your situation and won’t prove helpful. 

Asking about the additional services they offer helps you figure out your options. Do the movers only handle moving your belongings, or do they also provide long-term storage solutions? Knowing as much about their services as possible helps you make arrangements to make your move as anxiety-free as possible. 

Does the Estimate Fit Into Your Budget?

Before you book any company for your upcoming long-distance move, you should get an estimate of how much it will cost to move all of your belongings across the country. Come prepared with an accurate inventory of what you want the movers to take because the items you want to be packed and shipped across the country directly impact your estimate. 

Ask each moving company you get an estimate from about any associated fees or potential unforeseen costs that could be included. You want to know a ballpark of the price at the very least to ensure everything fits nicely into your budget. 

Assess Their Reputation

Picking the right long-distance moving company for your upcoming move comes down to making the choice you’re most comfortable with when handling your belongings. Asking questions about their past moves, their reputation in the community, and how they approach each move is crucial for your confidence level leading up to moving day. 

If they have testimonials up on their website, reviews on Google from past customers, or if you know someone that has used them before, you can get a complete picture of their company. You want to use a company with experience with long-distance moves and who knows everything they need to make the move a reality. 

Do They Have the Right Certifications and Equipment?

Long-distance moves require more out of the moving company to make it a reality. Moves above a few hundred miles require additional permits, certifications, and special equipment to ensure the cargo makes its destination in one piece. If you choose a company specializing in local moves but want to expand its business, ensuring they have everything to allow your moving day to go smoothly becomes a crucial component of your planning process. 

Book Collegiate Movers for Your Cross-Country Move

If you have an upcoming long-distance move on the horizon, you want long-distance movers with an established reputation and proven track record to handle your belongings. Collegiate Movers has helped countless customers make their moves as smoothly as possible. We help our customers have a smooth transition to their new city and home. 

We have some handy long-distance packing tips to help make your upcoming move as stress-free as possible. Contact our long-distance moving service to schedule your upcoming move today!

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