When is the Best Time of Year to Move?

October 21st, 2021

Moving to a new home can present you with a wide range of planning and emotional challenges. It’s a unique opportunity for you to start over, build a new life, and enjoy the possibilities of a new neighborhood. However, during the planning process, figuring out the best time of year to make your big move can create a host of new headaches. Different seasons offer different advantages for people and the local packers and movers they hire to help with the move. 

Advantages of Moving in the Fall

Whether you are moving on your own or using a professional moving company, the type of temperatures you’re moving in has a significant impact on how you feel during the move. With temperatures hovering in a moderate range, you hopefully won’t find yourself hauling couches in the freezing cold or the high heat of the summer. Your fall moving day will have a temperate start and end to the day you won’t find in other times of the year. 

The Case for Moving in the Winter

While the colder temperatures work against your move, you can also end up saving more money by scheduling it during the winter. The winter months reside squarely in the moving offseason, and you won’t face nearly as much competition from other movers and may be able to get good deals on your appointments. 

New Beginnings with Spring Moves

A common theme across all the planning stages for your next move revolves around picking a time where the weather and temperature will be on your side. Conditions that are too hot, cold, wet, or snowy can complicate the move and create an unsafe environment. 

Similar to the fall, you’ll find moderate temperatures throughout the spring that make the move more comfortable for all involved. The spring is when the temperatures start rising again, the days get longer, and — while there are some rainy seasons to account for — it’s generally a dry time of year to plan your next big move. 

Those Summer Days

The summer months remain the most popular times of year for things like large-scale moves, home improvement projects, and the like for a reason. With warm temperatures, dry weather conditions, and more flexible schedules, the summer represents the most opportune time for people to move to a new area. 

For families with children, summer moves allow the kids to acclimate to moving into a new house, neighborhood, and town before starting the school year. The parents also have time to get a good idea of what their new work commute looks like and get peace of mind that they have made the right decision. The summer allows for these families to really make sure their new house feels like home. 

Which Option Works Best for You?

Picking which season is the best time to move remains a combination of knowing your situation and what will work best for you and your family. Every move is different and with each season providing its unique advantages, deciding which season works best for you is a personal decision. 

Whatever season you decide to move to your new home or building, Collegiate Movers is ready to help! Contact our team of home and office movers to schedule your move today!

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